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If life is in danger, call 000

For 24/7 crisis support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14

For urgent support in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, call the Peninsula Mental Health Triage team on 1300 792 977

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          At Chasing Change, our awesome team is the core of everything we do! Put simply, we are all just local members of communities who have banded together to make a change. Please, explore this section and find out more about the people we are proud to say represent us.

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          Running events is at the core of everything we do at Chasing Change! Our events allow us to put practice our three core values of Community, Collaboration and Conversation. So, have a look through our calendar, find an event that interests you and come say hi!

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          Our goal at Chasing Change is create a safe and proactive community where we can help bridge the gap between people needing help and where they can get this help. This is why we have an ongoing list of support services that are located near you.

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Chasing Change truly believes in the power of collaboration.

Collaboration is key to implementing successful community-wide change and part of this collaboration is working with leaders of the business community to establish effective partnerships.

Without community-wide integration and formation of an agreed upon strategy, the battle to solve integral social issues such as suicide will be close to impossible.

This is why we are so proud to work with and acknowledge our partners. Our partnerships with the businesses identified on this page run deep and we ensure that we share the same values and drive to make our communities a better place. In doing so, we create a unique value proposition where both parties benefit in tangible ways.

So why should you partner with us?

The answer is simple –  partner with us if you  are passionate about enacting real change in the community/our community/the community we serve. 

We are not a charity and we do not expect to sustainably work towards our goals through charitable donations alone. Communities place trust and loyalty to brands that care about them and they show this through their purchasing decisions. Research shows that companies who are genuinely committed to social justice and community issues, outperform their competitors.  Partnering with Chasing Change will allow you to demonstrate  that you care about our community, and your commitment to solving some of its most complex challenges. 

What a partnership with Chasing Change looks like is different for every organisation. We have an application process that ensures the businesses we partner with hold the same values as us and have a genuine commitment to our goals. Once a partnership is established, we will commit to working together to support both your organisation and ours.

We are extremely proud of the partnerships we form and our partners are too. Read on to learn a little bit about each of our active partnerships and the great work we are building together in both business and the community. By reading their stories, we hope you will understand how and why it would be worthwhile to consider partnering with us.

Our Partners