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If life is in danger, call 000

For 24/7 crisis support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14

For urgent support in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, call the Peninsula Mental Health Triage team on 1300 792 977

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          At Chasing Change, our awesome team is the core of everything we do! Put simply, we are all just local members of communities who have banded together to make a change. Please, explore this section and find out more about the people we are proud to say represent us.

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          Running events is at the core of everything we do at Chasing Change! Our events allow us to put practice our three core values of Community, Collaboration and Conversation. So, have a look through our calendar, find an event that interests you and come say hi!

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          Our goal at Chasing Change is create a safe and proactive community where we can help bridge the gap between people needing help and where they can get this help. This is why we have an ongoing list of support services that are located near you.

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Have Chasing Change at your event

Depending on the type of event you are looking to run, inviting Chasing Change along could benefit you, your event and even help us.

Let us explain how…

First of all, a bit about us.

Chasing Change are a not-for-profit organisation who are working towards preventing suicide. We do this by focussing on community, collaboration and conversation as our core drivers. We believe that these three pillars provide us with the best opportunity to prevent suicide in our communities.

Why have us at your event:


So why have us at your event?

For other not-for-profits:

Collaboration is essential. It is something we are passionate about and something we genuinely believe makes us stronger as a not-for-profit community. Regardless of your event type, collaborating with Chasing Change provides an opportunity to promote your organisation and raise awareness for your cause.

We are big believers in bringing value to our partnerships and ensure we are providing you with the support you need from us.  For example, invite our friendly team to your events to provide additional presence and information to your guests (we even do speeches!).  

When you collaborate with us, we get to introduce our amazing network of followers to yours, rewarding us both with greater exposure for events and increased engagement from our communities.

For businesses and for-profit groups:

We use the concept of ‘Shared Value’ to enable businesses to achieve greater returns in areas such as customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and retention and overall productivity through a  genuine commitment to community development/social justice/care 

By having Chasing Change at your event you and your business will demonstrate a  commitment to the very communities your employees and customers live in. Plus we get to introduce our amazing network of followers to yours, resulting in greater exposure for your business and increased engagement from our communities.

What we can offer at events:

Whether you are a not-for-profit group or a business, what we offer is mutually beneficial value.

We offer multiple services, such as:

–          Mental health first aid and suicide prevention training

–          Keynote speaking about the importance of mental health and community wide suicide prevention initiatives

–          Presence at your event, providing resources and information to your guests

–          Advertisement of your event through our website and social media channels.

By collaborating with us you, can take advantage of our networks and expertise to reach and interact with more community members and demonstrate your commitment to the community.